Lots of personal and professional data is probably stored on your phone. This makes it a prime target for the hackers who use the mobile network as a path to access contents of your device. It’s known as handheld hacking.

How do I prevent handheld hacking?
• Regularly update your phone’s operating system.
• Set passwords. Not only the home screen but every app/services containing sensitive information must be password protected.
• Install apps from authorized sites only. For Androids always download from the Play Store; Apple users download from iTunes only.
• Install an anti-malware.
• Switch off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when not in use. An open Wi-Fi invites a hacker to get access to your personal files. Avoid connecting to a public Wi-Fi.
• When you dispose of your phone, make sure to wipe out all your personal data and information. Reset your factory setting to ensure deletion of every file on the phone.
• Enable Remote Wipe on your smartphone if you have the option. It is a handy backup plan in case of theft or loss. (Source: CSO Online)