Just because millennials grew up with technology doesn’t mean they’re actually smarter about how they use it. If anything, they appear to be more careless when it comes to online security. The elderly are often characterized as having trouble using technology, but they appear to be the savviest when it comes to protecting their accounts online. The majority of respondents ages 51 to 69 say they completely steer away from easily cracked passwords like “password,” “1234,” or birthdays, while two-thirds of those in the 18-to-34 age bracket copped to using them. The diligence of the older group could help explain why 82% in this age range did not have any of their online accounts compromised in the past year. In contrast, 35% of those between 18 and 34 said at least one of their accounts was hacked within the last 12 months, twice the rate of those aged 51 to 69. Apparently, even when it comes to technology, young people have a thing or two to learn from their elders. (Source: Quartz Daily Brief)

Stay safe out there (especially you young kids)!