It just got real….

Going through the blogs today, while on a painfully long conference call, 😯  and I found an amazing article by Nick Harshbarger. What does a Data Professional Look Like? This happens to be one of the most difficult things I face everyday as a Data Professional. People think that any one that can perceive and manipulate anything more difficult that the remote control, should look like Sheldon from the TV show Big Bang Theory. Ha! Sorry to say that, we don’t! 😡  Those that do want to be invisible, usually.

I’m a full-figured, African American/Indian and female….One look at me causes confusion, “Are you the maid?” No ! I’m not the maid, you…crackpots!  Those are the times I have to console myself with the looks on their faces when I explain that I am an excellent Database Administrator with several other impressive credentials under my belt. I can’t even be mad anymore, is inevitable.  It happens especially when I go to SQL or Oracle conferences….everyone looks at me funny and do not want to talk to me.  They don’t know that I have the same credentials and years of experience as they do.  My own peers immediately judge me.  They think that I couldn’t have gotten all those credentials, I couldn’t be as intelligent as they are,etc.  I makes them happy to find someone to feel superior to.  It can get annoying when they actually choose to look up my registration to match my ID. As if I’m lying!  Sad!  It’s tiresome to have to carry all this pride around to defend myself to the people I should be able to fellowship with and admire. Even Sadder!

It even happens at work, but let’s save that for another rant! LOL

I say stop with your preconceived notions of what an intelligent, hard-working, problem solving, kick ass, Data Professional should look like and just celebrate our brilliance!

Check out this article it will change the way you look at things: Nick Harshbarger What does a data professional look like?