Who ever thought that it would be this hard to be a blogger?  I have been forever trying to get this blog up and running.  I have had someone try to fill my sign up box with fake signals,,,had to shut that down.  Just recently I had someone trying to crack my sign in password and crashed my site temporarily. Now why would anyone want to do that?  You can get a website for little of nothing why try to get into mine?  Stop it or I’ll track you doooowwwwnnnn! 😈 👿 😡

Then there is content and interesting topics to blog about. Usually whatever comes into my mind is amusing but it wont work with this blog.  I need interesting helpful technical stuff.  I don’t know how people do it It is a mad house.  Hopefully I will be able to finish it soon.  Its driving me crazy 😆 .

Happy sql-ing!